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Key takeaways from BADCAMP 2017

We've been to Drupal conference in other area of US, Europe, Asia but this was our first time to visit BADCAMP, and it was awesome! Met new friends in the scene, we had our session to share what we do in Japan, and most importantly, we learnt many things. Here's my thought after BADCAMP.

new meiji restoration

[BADCAMP 2017] Session report - The New Meiji Restoration: How Drupal is Helping Japan’s Government Embrace Open Data

For this year’s BADCAMP ANNAI was invited to give a little talk about the current situation in Japan, in regards to Open Data.


Event report : Drupal Cafe #62

ANNAI is helping Local Drupal community event across Japan. Today's blog is about the previous event, Drupal Cafe #62 that was held last Friday.


How I collaborate with remote team - Colin Watson, Digital Producer at Morpht

Today We have the pleasure of introducing Colin Watson, a Digital Producer working for a Drupal specialist company called Morpht based out of Australia. Let’s see how he enjoy working with the team remotely.


How we work remotely : Nagaoka Branch Manager, Kentaro Inoue

Today’s post is “How we work remotely vol.2”, Introducing Nagaoka Branch Manager, Kentaro Inoue.


Management of Drupal developer : Anexus Co-Founder Enzo's case

Anexus Co-Founder, Enzo-san has been travelling around the world and his management philosophy has a lot to learn from. It was such a great interview. So today, let me share what we talked about. This article is especially for those who manage companies and organizations of any size.