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drupal cafe 62
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Part 1: "Drupal tutorial for newbies"

10+ people came over to the event this time and I found many of them were curious about learning new thing. "I started to learn Drupal and I'm here to learn" "Our client requirement is to build webite with Drupal so I started to learn", which is great!

In order to have everyone on the same page, we chose this learning content on ThinkIT and our book, "Drupal 8 start book" as a textbook. We will continue using these content for learning session.

Part 2: "Drupal Community Spotlight : Enzo Garcia"


This is the third "Drupal Community Spotlight" in this event and one of our best Drupal friend, Enzo from weKnow spent time with us. 

Enzo was born in Colombia and started his business in Costa Rica with his colleagues and now he lives in Australia.What was so impressive for us was that his dream when he was little was to travel around the world, and his effort in learning and leveraging his expertise in Drupal literally made it possible! And on top of that, he remotely manages his company as the top management of the company.

He said "One of the greatest things about open source community is that the more you provide what you know and what you have learned, the more you get feedback from friends around the world. Regardless of your background, you are able to connect with anyone who has the same interest, especially in this open source ecosystem" I totally agree with that and I'll do the same for sure. Thank you, Enzo-san!

The next Drupal Cafe will be in Kyoto on Dec 15th (Fri), stay tuned!

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