Excellent scalability of Drupal

Extensive expansion module enables quick and easy addition of functions

There are over 20,000 extension modules in Drupal. In the development of Drupal, we combine the functions provided by these extension modules to create the desired function. The feature of Drupal's extension module is that the individual extension modules, themselves provide relatively small functions. Therefore, rather than implementing the functions required by one extension module, Drupal prefers combining the functions provided by each extension module and implementing the desired function.

In the case of ordinary web development, it is common to create many functions from scratch but in the development of Drupal, first, investigate whether there is an extension module to realize the target function existing already. And, as far as possible, functions are implemented without writing the code. Customizations can be added with minimal code to parts that cannot be handled with just extension modules.

This makes it possible to implement the desired function in a short period of time. In addition, by minimizing implementation by code, it is possible to develop while keeping intact the future maintainability and minimizing the risk of security problems.

Ease of linking with external systems

In Drupal, RDF and REST API are supported at framework level.

By utilizing these functions, it is possible to easily achieve compatibility with existing systems.

In addition, by using modules, it is possible to build very large and flexible solutions combined with peripheral services such as CRM like Salesforce, marketing automation like Pardot / Marketo, CDN like Fastly and Cloudflare.

Accelerate business with Drupal's flexible extensibility

The world is evolving at a fast rate. Until a couple of years ago, access to information was common from PC web browsers. However, in recent years, in addition to web browsers, information is being delivered in a variety of devices and formats, such as applications with smartphones and tablets, and access via APIs that do not have UIs such as screens.

Drupal is optimal as a core platform for information distribution in times when diverse and speedy information delivery is required.

Our aim is to accelerate your business by fully utilizing Drupal’s strengths, rapid development using extension modules and ease of cooperation with external systems.