About Security of Drupal

Why is Drupal’s security superior?

Presence of exclusive security team

High security is one of the reasons why Drupal is adopted by government agencies such as the White House and the Australian government. Drupal's security is superior to other systems because the Drupal community has an organized security team to investigate, validate and recommend potential vulnerabilities.

Drupal's security team publishes documents such as Drupal main platform and extension modules such as related to vulnerability resolution, write secure code etc., and inform security recommendation,on a daily basis

The vulnerability is evaluated based on 5 criterias and these criterias are regularly announced. By updating the system at each of these known times, keeping the system up-to-date makes it possible to gain the strong security benefits of Drupal.  Please refer to this article if you need more information about security of Drupal.

Clear release cycle

Drupal has a clearly defined release cycle for each version. Therefore, it can be known in advance whether the security update for the version being used currently would be continued or not. By developing or renewing the the site while keeping this release cycle in mind, it is possible to drastically reduce future security risks.


Security measures in context to Drupal's ecosystem are important

When developing with Drupal, it is necessary to make the best choice while comprehensively judging Drupal's release cycle, extension module version, and development situation. As a development company specializing in Drupal, we are developing each day while keeping up with the latest developments of the community and development situation.

And, in order to continuously and safely use the system, and not just limiting to development, we understand Drupal's ecosystem and make the best proposal to customers while utilizing the benefits gained from it.