ANNAI Co., Ltd. specializing in development and consulting by Drupal announces the opening of the "Kyoto City Open Data Portal Site" operated by Kyoto City. ANNAI has developed a system based on Drupal based open data platform DKAN and consulted architecture. Introduction of DKAN to designated cities will be the first in Japan.
To respond to the requests of our clients speedily and flexibly, we adopt DevOps - style development which the development team and the operation team work on together to develop a system for fast and efficient management and solution.
Once you join our team, you can get involved in a wide range of work opportunities like construction and planning of UI design and IA of websites.
We are looking for a developer for front-end development like Drupal theme. Wordpress developers without experience in Drupal theme development are also welcome to apply. In ANNAI, Wordpress experience is also applicable to Drupal development so if you want to take advantage of this exciting career in front-end development and get challenged in Drupal, please do not hesitate to contact us.
CSS Nite in OKINAWA, Vol.9
CSS Nite in OKINAWA 's ninth anniversary, held on the theme of "Novel Web Production".Our company Abe speaks with the title "Web future and technology supporting the Web of the future".
KOF 2016

ANNAI CEO Kino will be in charge of Drupal seminar at KOF (Kansai Open Forum)

ANNAI 阿部正幸
Our member Masayuki Abe will speak at "WCAN 2016 Autumn".