ANNAI has been chosen to undertake a research project for building a unified web platform for the Japanese government


ANNAI has been assigned to conduct research on developing a unified government website, which is a project led by the Japanese government.

There are thousands of domains for Japanese government departments' websites, including the main websites of ministries and agencies, external bureaus, and purpose-built websites for specific topics. Each of which is also developed and managed independently.
These sites are unique and do not share a unified information architecture (IA), menu structures, categories, or visual designs.

As a result, the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) are inconsistent across the sites, making it difficult for the general public to find the information they seek.

In addition, because these sites are built using various CMSes and hosted on different infrastructures, they incur significantly high costs for maintenance, operation and training for the ministries and their users, which is a problem that indirectly impacts the public also.

Through this research project, ANNAI will work with the Digital Agency to develop a platform that the pains of these stakeholders.

We look forward to contributing to a digital society in which everyone can find information and receive government services they require smoothly and in a timely manner.