KYOTO OPEN DATA is now the world’s very first open data portal site that automatically generates 5-star open data

ANNAI Co., Ltd. (head office: Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto Prefecture, Keiichi Ward, CEO: Satoshi Kino, hereinafter ANNAI) specializes in development and consulting about Drupal and has implemented the system on the KYOTO OPEN DATA site that automatically generates 5-star open data. KYOTO OPEN DATA site is now world’s very first open data portal site that utilizes this kind of system.


What is open data?

Open data is the data that the government / local government have. These kinds of data is mainly used for solving social issues and for stimulating the economy. In December 2016, Utilizing opendata across Japan became law, and now the community for open data is starting to grow. KYOTO OPEN DATA site was launched to lead this trend.


Local government data quality

Open data quality in general, is evaluated by a 5 star ratings. The 5 star data is called LOD(Linked Open Data). Data that many of the local governments have is basically made of “PDF data that was originally paper” or “Excel data that are hard to be processed”, which made it difficult to utilize.




How to solve this issue

Solving this issue for local government is a hassle, because the work technically difficult and is very time consuming. The best way to reduce the cost and hassle to run open data portal site is to generate LOD automatically, however no one has been able to implement this before due to the complexity of the task. KYOTO OPEN DATA is the first ever open data website that automatically generates 5-star open data. Hopefully many more local government will use our DKAN solution to help innovate the local community.


How the system works

KYOTO OPEN DATA site is able to generate RDF on each page by just uploading Excel or PDF, and the site URL itself is LOD compatible. That data is automatically transferred to the SPARQL endpoint. Users of this site is able to access what they need by just following website navigation while experts are able to access the info by using SPARQL endpoint or Rest API.


Future Plan

We provide DKAN-based open data solution for local government. In this KYOTO OPEN DATA project, we have been working on many features such as API implementation, batch data registration functionality, SPARQL endpoint etc. These functions have made them more efficient towards open data innovation. We would like to support more and more government /local government and organization to support open data innovation. DKAN is such a reliable platform in terms of flexible authority settings, full-text search on the site, flexible design, function scalability and so on. Both the website’s management and users will be happy with DKAN.