ANNAI chosen to collaborate with the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) for the project called "Venture Support Platform"

ANNAI Co., Ltd. (head office: Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto Prefecture, Keiichi Ward, CEO: Satoshi Kino, hereinafter ANNAI) specializing in development and consulting on Drupal was chosen as the company to collaborate with New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization(hereinafter NEDO) for the project called "Venture Support Platform". 

About NEDO

The New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) was established as a governmental organization in 1980 to promote the development and introduction of new energy technologies. 


About the project "Venture Support Platform"

Last year, the Japanese government released "Japan Reconstruction Strategy 2016", which showcased Japan's major growth plan for future. In this report, great effort will be put into support "Creating innovation (Strengthening incubation of innovative venture companies)". This means that the government will strongly take leadership to maximize any kind of support for venture businesses in terms of "creating business opportunity", "Funding opportunity", "Growth opportunity". This project is to create one of the essential platforms to move things forward. *Details are here

In order to support venture companies without losing their fast paced nature, simplifying the support process is vital to keeping up with the speed of innovation.

This project will ensure these goals will be achieved in the near future. We will be working hard together to create a platform for innovators to be able to submit their work as well as to speed up and refresh the outdated procedures that are no longer optimal. 

In order to create such a system we will be developing the platform prototype and vigorously run evaluations to further develop a system that will truly be capable of keeping up with innovators.

In particular, procedures for granting funding support from government agencies will be made more streamlined and standardized to make sure more venture companies can benefit from the system.

Project overview



Platform overview



"We are proud to announce that we have been chosen to collaborate with NEDO on this project. We hope that by streamlining the procedures for granting financial support will help improve Japan’s entrepreneurial environment. We are sure that this will move us one step further towards our vision of making Drupal the official web platform for the Japanese central government.” 
— ANNAI Co., Ltd Satoshi Kino

We will try our best to contribute to our country’s innovation and future.


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