Projects we crave

We wish to provide our clients with the best value. In order to carry on good work, we need a system to reduce inadequate communication with clients and promote things quickly. For this purpose, we promote direct dealings with clients. Please understand our motive behind this. Also, we would like to engage in the following projects and continue to provide value. We hope that you are able to understand and relate to our perspective.

We are looking forward to these kind of projects

There are technical challenges

We are the team of experts who devise the idea to break through what seems to be technically difficult based on various perspectives such as feasibility, risk, reward, delivery date, quality, cost, etc., and try to implement the best solution. We believe in developing together with our clients.

Unprecedented and Unexpected Developments

Industry first, Japan's first, world first. While developing such things with the technology that we offered to our clients, we have grown to believe that we can build a new future together. We feel that this sense of accomplishment is very important.

A project where we can communicate with the client freely

During the conception of an unprecedented project that will be an innovative creation, even the person in charge happens to worry about its success at certain times. Hence, we believe that client relationships where in opinions can be exchanged frankly are necessary. For this reason, we keep working on small survey levels and pending issues that are likely to become risks in the future, and try to advance the project in this style while sharing all tasks and information with clients.

Projects that have set goals

We want to support you in such way that you are able to set your goals well. By committing to the goal, you acquire better understanding of your targets and we can tackle the project together with the same perspective. We believe that this is the way to success. Once we have achieved our goal, we can set a higher and higher goals and can grow with clients while tackling such challenging projects. We take such projects to be ideal for our work temperament.

We are providing value to customers with an agile development system

We believe that due to the immense speed of changing technology all over the world, systems that can cope up with these rapid changes are the key to the success of any business. Likewise, since we hope to be able to respond to the speed and changes of the business, we have an agile development system. This system is different from the conventional waterfall type in the following ways.。

Agile type Development System
  • Accepts change
  • Detailed Releases and provides value rapidly
  • Client and ANNAI are members of the same team
  • Things that move from documents. Sharing with the client from the prototype stage and improving it
Waterfall type Development System
  • First fix the request and carefully plan
  • Low release count
  • Low communication with clients
  • Start with documents