Open source CMS "Drupal"

What is Drupal?

Drupal is "CMS (content management system)" which can create websites with various features by adding functions in thousands of modules.

When creating Web services and systems in the past, it was common to identify necessary functions and start production accordingly.

It is not easy to change the specification of the system and add functions, and it will even cost further.

Recently it has become increasingly easy to add and modify functions by creating a basic core system and adding functions with it, but there is no substitute for creating original specialized mechanisms that tailor-fits the company , Adding a function will incur costs.

In the case of open source CMS, basic core system is already prepared, and necessary functions can be added by combining modules.
In addition, Drupal is also good at making a website combining function × function.

Drupal Facts

In Japan, open-source Drupal is an example of CMS that conflicts with Wordpress, but actually, as an enterprise web / commerce integration platform (development and execution environment), there are many large companies, government administration and educational institutions that adapt these functions of Drupal

  1. 2.5% of the world's websites are running on Drupal
  2. Drupal community has over 1 million members
  3. More than 15 thousand add-on modules are available free of charge
  4. Used as a large and complex Web, CMS and commerce base of large corporations and governments around the world
  5. Also used as a framework for business applications
  6. It is open source and free


Drupal's Strengths

It is possible to create a more effective website by linking Web sites individually created like SNS and EC site to promote customer exchanges. In addition, "Drupal" can set fine permissions for each user.

When creating an EC site, you can set user privileges not only for two privileges such as membership / non-members (guests) but also for each one person. ANNAI thinks that it is necessary for the website to succeed in every day operations.

By suppressing the initial investment, it is possible to secure high operational costs and create high-quality Websites.

We belong to the Drupal Users group of
I participated in the study meetings regularly held once a month to improve technology further.

Drupal community

ANNAI is making a Drupal community to make Drupal the No. 1 CMS in Japan.
We regularly hold Drupal meetup and Drupal Camp Japan.
◯ Japanese Community of
 ※ANNAI CEO Kino manages the group as "qchan"
◯ DrupalCamp in Japan
 (Held by ANNAI CEO Kino and Otagaki, ANNAI supports it)  
◯ Regular Drupal meetup
 Drupal Cafe is held on the third Friday of every month.
Drupal Translation Project (Japanese)
Also, ANNAI accepts and responds to the questions when all Drupal users create Drupal sites. ANNAI contributes to the Drupal community as the largest and leading Drupal company in Japan.


Drupal event cooperation

◯ DrupalCamp Japan Kyoto

DrupalCamp JapanKyoto

First DrupalCamp Japan  was held in Kyoto on April 12, 2014.

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◯ Drupal Seminar at 2st Innovation XEgg

Innovation EGG

We held a seminar on Innovation EGG 2nd XEgg 1st "IT Community & Cloud Vendor Joint Study Group for Inexperienced Clouds" held on Osaka Innovation Hub on 2 / 15th.

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