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NTT Communications IoT Platform


About NTT Communications

NTT Communications is Japan's largest telecommunication/infrastructure company, and subsidiary company of NTT, listed as Fortune Global 500. Providing data center solution, cloud solution, Network/Security solutions to support their clients. Their business field is worldwide, spreading 40 countries, 120 cities with 140 data center locations.

About the project

The term “IoT” is becoming more and more common these days. IoT, or the “Internet of Things”, means that everything will eventually be connected to Internet. In our personal lives, your refrigerator or laundry will be connected to the Internet.  In business, the manufacturing process in factory or delivery trucks for distribution will be connected to the Internet to make business more efficient.

NTT Communications IoT platform is the portal site for all companies who are looking for solutions using IoT.


Why they implement Drupal for this project

NTT Communications wanted flexibility towards change with its platform of business

IoT is the rapid growing business genre. NTT Communications as a company, created its “IoT division” internally, to lead the innovation globally. Therefore, they needed a website with flexibility in order to expand any form depending on its business stage.

NTT Communications used Drupal for implementation in its “NTT Communications API developer portal” project. This is how they knew that Drupal is a reliable web platform with scalability and can be used within a multilingual environment, also having security strength and accessibility towards internal regulations.

The very first website in Japan that was developped with Drupal 8

The latest version of Drupal, called Drupal 8 (as of Feb. 2017) is a fully renewed version from Drupal 7, and has more flexibility in a multilingual environment, development environment for enterprise needs, scalability and so on. However, the number of engineers that have the skillset for Drupal 8 development is few, that leads to a situation that no companies in Japan have moved to Drupal 8 development. We, ANNAI are the leading company of Drupal development. We have many top class engineers in Japan, and we try our best to provide the latest Drupal development technology to our clients.

In this project, continuous website improvement with flexibility is needed based on our client’s business strategy. Therefore Drupal 8 is the best choice for their needs.


Website functionality

Integration with the Marketing Automation tool called “Mautic” using Drupal at a high level

In this project, we realize integration with the Marketing Automation Tool “Mautic” using Drupal at a high level. In general, when using Marketing Automation tools people tend to insert iframe or javascript into their existing website made of CMS. That way, customer data will be stored in a Marketing Automation tool. Also when you want to track download records of your customer, you need to upload that file into the Marketing Automation tool.

However this is not always the best choice. Although all the assets you get from your marketing activities are stored they are not trackable when you stop using that particular Marketing Automation tool.

In order to solve this problem, we developed an external module that makes it possible to synchronise user data in Drupal and Mautic, by using Drupal API. Users who sign up on Drupal are connected to Mautic. In this case Drupal can make downloadable files and contact forms, so that data is trackable on Mautic.


Multilingual site

We also developed the site with multilingual compatibilty. Drupal 8 is now more multilingual and flexible than ever before, so we use that functionality in all contents in the site with one click.


Redundant distribution fomat for enterprise level

Having multiple servers make it easier to control load distribution, clustered database and it also makes it easier to control storage management.

Flexibility for future business

This website will be capable of purchasing their service in the future. With that target in mind, we reached an agreement that Drupal 8 is the best choice for their business. We have been developing websites to make it more useful.

We ANNAI have strong knowledge in Drupal, so we are able to judge what external module is suitable for which version of the site.



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