Drupal portfolio : Advanced Science, Technology & Management Research Institute of Kyoto (ASTEM)

Advanced Science, Technology & Management Research Institute of Kyoto (ASTEM)

Why Drupal?

A task for seminar attendees is to do a presentation after a discussion based on each theme. Before the launch of this website attendees were having discussions through a mailing list, which was difficult to make and was quite inefficient. Discussions will be more fruitful by sharing information more comfortably.

Not only discussions but promoting events to potential attendees is needed. To achieve this goal, we made the website with Drupal. Drupal provides flexibility in managing authority settings and group managements.


Group function

The flexibility of setting necessary functions by groups

Users can create groups based on the events they host, such as seminars and workshops. Additional users can be added to each group, and users can use discussions, polls, spreadsheets, attribution analytics and many more essential tools. Any function is able to be added on each group. Also groups can be set to open or closed.

Group can be hierarchical

If you want to make a team under a group you can do that. The team can use the same function with the group that manages the team.

Discussion function integrated with mailing list

You can make discussion topics in the group. The discussion function is integrated with the mailing list, so when you create threads an email is automatically sent to attendees. Replying to a thread is simple, just click that email and you can reply to the thread. This way anybody can join the conversation not only on the website but also through email.。

Spreadsheet function

You can create a spreadsheet on the website that is also exportable in excel format.


Attribution analytics function

By using the template on editor, you can do attribution analytics.


Drupal is also suitable for intranet usage

A high level user management / authority management system that Drupal provides is suitable for intranet sharing of knowledge and great for facilitating discussions internally. Just like this project a website for both external and internal use is the very strength that Drupal offers. If you are considering the platform like this, please do not hesitate to contact us.