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Do your most imaginative work with us - We're hiring!

Thank you for your interest to ANNAI Inc, Japan’s leading Drupal agency. We create solutions to the challenges faced by global companies and government organizations.

What makes us different? It is not just technical expertise. We are a team who trust and rely on each other and we push ourselves to achieve the impossible. There are no lone wolves here, and we learn from and teach one another something every day. 

You might be a great fit for us if:

  • You thrive on challenges and embrace different cultures and diverse ideas
  • You value a high performance environment which balances creativity and expertise with delivering high-quality web applications on time.
  • You can be a leader and a team member simultaneously.
  • You push for quality at all levels and are engaged in helping make us better.
  • You understand our technology, our tools, our vision and our message.


Career Opportunity

drupal 8

Project Manager

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Senior Software Engineer

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Meet the team

We are the team of working remotely from Hokkaido, Tokyo, Niigata, Kyoto, Osaka, and from Pattaya in Thailand. We don't set up any boundaries to work with talented people.  Check out how our team enjoy working from their private office.


Kentaro Inoue

Nagaoka Branch Manager

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Yoshikazu Aoyama

Chief Technology Officer

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