Special Skills

What we do

At ANNAI, we try to be the best partners we can to our clients. We believe that our clients' success is our success, and we look forward to working together with you towards that success.

To achieve this success, we provide a full-service solution, from consulting, through design, development and maintenance; all under one roof. This allows us to work with you to adapt your system to the ever changing business landscape in real-time, ensuring that your site matches your business today, not your business yesterday.



We work with you to determine where to focus efforts on growth. Which issues can be dealt with in the system? Which are better dealt with on the business side? And which require a bit of both? Our strengths lie in being able to working with you to identify your issues so we can propose and implement solutions.



ANNAI has specialised in the open-source platform Drupal since 2007. We use our expertise in the platform to take your concept, and turn it into a user-friendly platform that provides an online solution to match your real-world business needs.

Maintenance and operation

Operation and Maintenance

Using our experience in providing full-service solutions from concept through development to production, implementing cloud services, securing systems from attack, and implementing performance optimisation, we work with you to ensure smooth operation on a well-maintained system.

Solution Package

Solution Package

ANNAI has worked on a wide-range of projects, implementing technologies such as open data, marketing automation, and cloud-bases services. We have a proven track record of implementing Drupal-based solutions to meet the goals of a wide-range of business needs.