Maintenance of Drupal

Is the site or system running on Drupal operated properly?

Drupal is widely used by governments and global companies such as the White House and the Australian government for which one of the reasons is high security. However, it is assumed that these high security levels are set, operated, and updated properly as well.

Is Your Company’s Drupal really safe?

ANNAI has received many inquiries from customers who need help in the following cases.

  • When you do not know who is updating Drupal.。
  • A maintenance contract with the development company has not been signed. The site is in the same condition as when it was launched.
  • Unable to update site due to self-customization. Updating causes trouble and hence site cannot be updated
  • Since the person who was in charge of development has retired, there are no people capable of maintenance
  • Security has been compromised as the company who developed the website did not specialize in Drupal

Drupal, when not operated properly, has many disadvantages.

  • Information leakage
  • Site tampering
  • Negligence of vulnerability due to neglected updates
  • Incompetence with business growth and change

Maintenance system for safe and secure maintenance by Drupal Experts

In order to carry out proper maintenance, not only some skills such as "Drupal", "CMS", "PHP", but also extensive knowledge of latest technology trends and security measures is required. If ANNAI includes a large number of experts, optimal suggestions according to customer's need can be made. But that demands very high level of skill.

Again, we believe that it does not end at simply creating the system or site. We believe that it is important to be able to offer to customers, including maintenance including subsequent maintenance and function additions.