Service design of new business

To the officials of the new business

In today’s world, it is very rare for an upcoming business to not think of “Web Utilization”. Haven’t you ever faced problems with it?

  • Ideas about the new business are ready, but you wish to think about how is web to be utilised
  • Is there any better idea for this?Looking for objective answers?
  • Do you wish to discuss the technological feasibility of the idea?
  • Which technology can speedily start with less risk?
  • Would you like to coordinate with the system department of external experts?
  • Do you plan to lead a new business to success? We want to share our enthusiasm with you to advance your project!

A partner with abundant IT knowledge would be an important resource for the officials in charge of the new business.

We have been a part of a lot of new projects from major communication companies, major IT companies and government organizations and we have been providing total support from professional advice to service development as a partner with IT department. If you are worried about your new business, please feel free to contact us first.

Our Strengths

We would recognize the following to be our strengths:。

  • Plenty of achievements in the projects with new companies / new government agencies
  • Expertise in a wide range of domains like technology trends, development of languages, security, performance tuning etc.
  • A strong network of new overseas IT companies in America, Australia (Information source)
  • We can respond with responsibility from idea delivery to scheduling, development, maintenance and support after starting service, at once
  • We provide stable high quality system

Our Corporate Philosophy

「Leading to the GOAL with Imagination and Technology」

We look forward to working with exciting projects with new business managers who will be great partners to work with. Please feel free to consult us!