Performance Tuning

Are the Drupal sites and systems in operation properly tuned?

For websites of smaller ventures, performance need not be a factor for worry, but for sites like the following we strongly recommend consistent tuning from Drupal to the server.

  • A site, where many users login
  •  Sites that are likely to have a maximum hits at specific times like the government sites
  • Manufacturing sites, that would display tens and thousands of products and services
  • Media sites, which have millions of page reviews per month

Demerits of Drupal systems that do not undergo performance tuning

The following problems are typical to sites that do not have appropriate performance tuning.

  •  Slow responses lead to fall in conversion rate
  • Requirement of expensive infrastructure to speed up applications which leads to increase in maintenance costs

Maximize the potential of the system with comprehensive performance tuning

We have been involved in the performance tuning of many large Drupal sites, some are mentioned below.

  • Sites with large number of members, large scale manufacturing sites corresponding to 25 languages
  • Administrative data portal sites that distribute large amounts of public data, etc.

Not only for system tuning, but also comprehensive knowledge and know-how from server to application, load balancing of Drupal is required.

Also, if proper settings are not made, in addition to not having a good performance, it causes security risks such as information leakage.

With the help of experts and with the assistance of extensive expertise besides Drupal, we will try to bring out all the possibilities of your system safely and optimally.