Cloud system design and development

Is the system restricting your business?
We can provide a flexible system that is compatible to your business growth and changes

Prior to the cloud development, while building a system, we ordered computers for servers, set up and installed network lines and facilities, chose and installed middleware, and finally built applications for several months and finally we were able to publish systems and sites. Also, changing and refining the system once built up was as expensive and time consuming as building a new one.

However, in recent years business and technology have been advancing very quickly. In order to survive competition, we need to build a system to deploy services faster and which are more flexible. It is not very unusual for a large-scale system to be constructed and released in a short span of time. By using cloud, it is also possible to implement the infrastructure construction in just a few days that would have earlier taken several months.

Although cloud can be used easily, advanced skills for optimization for business use is necessary.

With the advent of cloud, it can be said that the threshold for using AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and others has reduced very much. However, the cloud has its design and operation optimized for it, and it does not always work if you implement the method  of so-called ‘On premise system’ that builds like the one mentioned above.

The main differences in the cloud (system) are as follows.

  • Lead time for facilitation enhancement and change is close to 0.Therefore, rather than building a large infrastructure with cost from its inception, it is possible to first start the business with small set up and then change it according to the requirements.
  • As service updates are performed on a regular basis, it is not possible to keep using older versions forever. Switching to the new version often has advantages in terms of cost and performance.
  • It can be automated using API and others. Combining various cloud services makes it possible to automate, reduce operational costs, and create new value.

Due to this, it is important not to think about "maintaining a system that has been constructed once without changing it", but exploring the idea of flexibly changing it according to the growth of services and business.

At ANNAI, we provide not only the application layer called Drupal, but also the entire system design and development, from the tuning of middleware, the setting up of a server, the selection and introduction of cloud services (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, etc.) which helps to achieve optimum performance and cost reduction.