Integration of Drupal with other systems

Collaboration of Drupal with other systems gives a new value to your business

ANNAI has to its credit a rich experience of collaborating Drupal with other systems. The combination of other systems with Drupal’s user-friendly, flexible interfaces as well as authorization settings, facilitates the promotion of the launch of new web services and better efficiency within the existing organization.

Collaboration of Full text search system Solr and Drupal

G space information centre

Full-text search function including content metadata and contents of PDF, CSV, and Excel file etc. was realized by linking DKAN and Apach Solr.

Customer management · Sales support system Salesforce and Collaboration with Drupal


We provide login function linked with Salesforce customer database.

Collaboration between original system and Drupal

NTT Communications API Developer Portal

We have tie ups with Google’s Apigee platform and NTTCom’s proprietary system and with the help of these, we provide various information to the developers.

Marketing Automation tool (MA) and Collaboration with Drupal

NTT Communications IoT Platform

Users created in the Drupal site in cooperation with the marketing automation tool Mautic are automatically created in Mautic as well. It also supports track contact forms created with Drupal.

Cooperation between Drupal and various APIs defined by Swagger spec

NTT Communications Business Portal

By importing definitions of various APIs defined by Swagger spec, we realized a mechanism to fully generate the screen (CRUD) necessary for operation. The data is very secure as it is saved in a way defined by the API rather than Drupal.。