Beyond our scope

We are a company that works closely with those departments (Corporate planning department, marketing department etc.) of the company which directly work to enhance the future business prospects. We analyze the kind of technical correspondence that is required to speed up the new business of the client and propose the best technology.

Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal. Hence, based on the experience we have accumulated over the years, we think that there are certain projects which might not be beneficial in the long run. We would highly appreciate the understanding of our future business associate in this matter. We would like to assure our clients that we are motivated by a strong desire of becoming a good business partner. We believe that if our client is satisfied, their end customers will be happy too.

Projects we would like to avoid

Subcontracts below the 2nd Level, 3rd Level, etc.

The proximity to our client is extremely important for us. The key to a successful business association is the necessity of getting an opportunity discuss the business challenges with the client personally and to find out best the possible solutions together. In order to achieve this, we wish to interact directly with our clients, rather than through an intermediary. The so-called “multiple contracts” such as secondary and tertiary contracts dominant in the Japanese IT industry, may lead to many disadvantages to both the parties such as communication loss, increase in cost (decrease in unit price) due to the occurrence of intermediate margin, decline in speed, reduced clarity in the scope of responsibility etc.

Projects that have fixed pre-decided deadlines, scope and schedules

Recently, the requirements for websites and systems are becoming more complex, along with the rapid evolution of the technical base that supports these systems. The continued use of designs and service that was optimal a year ago but has become obsolete now, as they are, may lead to delay in the business. Therefore, projects whose specifications, budgets, schedules are fixed at an initial stage and are not subject to change later, namely waterfall type projects, might be delayed which will not be beneficial to the client at all.

Projects ANNAI does not wish to undertake

This is essentially as per the area of business we have defined for ourselves. Our aim is to ensure that everyone associated with Drupal understands and knows about our trial and experiments which we experience while working with our clients, as a project story. We expect full cooperation from our client with regards to publishing of our case studies. We would also like to introduce the domestic installations of Drupal and help spread Drupal. We wish to extend our gratitude for understanding our perspective in this regard.

We provide value to our customers with the Agile Development System.

We believe that the speed of change is fast and our ability to cope with this change will always be the defining factor for the success or failure of the business. Considering the above factor, we think that our development system should be able to cope up with the speed and changes of business and hence we have the Agile Development System. It differs from the conventional Waterfall Development System in the following ways:

Agile Development System
  • Accepts change
  • Minute releases offering immediate value
  • Client and ANNAI are the members of the same team
  • Output is preferred over documentation. Involving clients right from the prototype stage and aiming at continuous improvement
Waterfall Development System
  • Firstly, determine the requirement and then plan thoroughly
  • Less number of releases
  • Less communication with the client
  • Documents come first