Contribution to Drupal community

Thank you to our community for our existence. Drupal developers,
we would like to be of service to you too.

It was 2009 when we started the Drupal Meetup in Kyoto with setvik, who launched the Drupal Japan user group. Since then, circles of the Drupal Japan community have spread to Tokyo, Osaka, Sapporo, Niigata, Okinawa, and so on.

※The Drupal Japan community of slack is here!

When Drupal was introduced in Japan, information was still scarce, so we asked a friend we met at an overseas DrupalCon, "How do you make a multilingual site? We kept trying repeatedly while asking a lot of questions.

During our research on many successful cases outside Japan, we realised that each goal requires a specific approach suitable to achieve that particular goal. For example, if performance is the priority then a particular method needs to be adopted whereas if the focus is on ease of use then some other method needs to be adopted and so on.

Drupal Japan User SolutionGroup

ANNAI responds positively to questions asked to the Drupal Japan user group to disseminate Drupal as illustrated in the example here.

How to refer and update the field values from PHP on Node?
When you create a page, how to define arbitrary variables to use within each template?
About iPhone / android application development at Drupal

By utilizing the knowledge learned through the community for suggestions to clients, we have been able to enhance our deliverables. We are building a better relationship as a business partner with our clients such as government and big companies.

We believe that our current presence in the market is courtesy of the Drupal community. Thank you very much Drupal friends, both natives and those based overseas, who have cooperated with us so far. It would be our pleasure to help everyone coming to Japan. Please feel free to message us anytime.

As the number of Drupal experts associated with us for the past 10 years is very large, may we request you to interact with us on a regular basis, to stay in touch.

About the Drupal event in Japan

Drupal Cafe

Drupal Cafe is a space where you can tell anything about Drupal’s latest information, your case, a little question, Web and IT topics. It is not a seminar / study group but a place where the main purpose is real interaction of community members.

We have been organizing this meetup regularly from 2009, but as we wanted to make it a place to exchange of information on topics related to Drupal more easily and casually, we changed the name to Drupal cafe and re-launched the same.Please feel free to join us!

Drupal cafe Facebook Page

Drupal Cafe Schedule

2nd Saturday of every month Hokkaido
3rd Friday of every month Osaka
4th Friday of every month Tokyo

Previous Events organized

Drupal Camp 2014 in Kyoto
Drupal Camp 2017 in Tokyo