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Consulting, system audit, development & maintenance management
by a company specialized in Drupal


Experts respond to various questions regarding introduction and operation of Drupal

System Audit

We help you with the audit of the system currently in operation, give advice for the problems as well as suggest improvements

Maintenance Management

The maintenance and development support of our company will help you to reduce costs and improve quality

Drupal Development

We provide complete support for development to infrastructure construction and management using Drupal

Are you concerned about the implementation and operation of the Drupal? Are you happy with it? Drupal's website operation

While Drupal has a wide and flexible framework, the quality of its system depends greatly on the skills and experience of its developers. In recent years, Drupal has been adopted by many companies and government agencies, and the number of companies engaged in development by Drupal has increased. There are not many developers who can constantly keep up with the latest technology trends and develop systems that can be used safely in the long term. Unfortunately, it has been observed that there is an increase in the number of people who feel uneasy about the system under operation alongside the number of people who implement it carelessly without caring about future sustainability and maintenance cost.

I would like to consult Drupal experts

  • We are considering to implement Drupal, however, we would like to hear the expert’s opinion.
  • Is it possible to link Drupal with our existing systems?
  • Is it possible to integrate Drupal into the system we are trying to develop?

I am concerned about the Drupal site currently in operation

  • In spite of consulting a development company the working is strange, usability is not as per expectation.
  • A lot of problems arise while updating the system which hampers the update.
  • In case the site developed in Drupal 6 is not updated, does it hamper its functioning?

Want to ask the experts to assist regarding maintenance and continuous development?

  • Don’t want to devote internal resources to site maintenance?
  • Security update is not done and is neglected.
  • I'd like to ask only one company to supervise all the aspects from maintenance to customisation.

In such cases, please leave it to Drupal experts

ANNAI has been involved in many projects as a development company specializing in Drupal since 2007. While doing these, we received various queries from people regarding usage of Drupal.

As Drupal professionals, we propose "KAIZEN ANNAI" consulting, audit, maintenance and development service in Drupal with the aim of providing truly reliable service.

We will accelerate the growth of your business by making full use of our vast experience and knowledge in these four services, customised to fulfil the unique needs of Drupal specialized development companies

Consulting Service

This is a consulting service provided by our experienced team. We are well equipped to answer variety of questions online including questions related to pre-installation and questions about currently running systems or questions such as while considering the implementation of Drupal, we want to listen to the opinions of our experts. What kind of system is Drupal? What are its merits and demerits? What will be labor and operation examples of Drupal?

System Audit Service

This is an audit service for the Drupal system, which is currently in operation. We will investigate and audit the referred system data at our end and create an audit report on problems and improvements. Based on the results, we shall provide advice on future system operation in an online meeting. We will respond to requests which are concerned with the system currently in operation and also request to evaluate the soundness of the system before release.

System Development Service

It is a system development service by Drupal. We provide total support right from system development to server construction and management. ANNAI uses not only the technical capabilities developed through years of Drupal development, but also utilizes our vast network consisting of overseas Drupal developers constantly investigating and studying the latest technology trends from around the world. As a result, we are able to create a reliable system development (tool or technology) that can withstand continuous customisation and long-term maintenance operations.

Maintenance Management Service

This service is designed to help those who are trying to maintain their existing Drupal system. You can handover your troublesome maintenance tasks such as daily security updates and server management to us in totality. By implementing maintenance and continous customisation, we can reduce the cost of maintenance and management thus enabling our customers to focus on their original business.

After implementing Drupal, three hidden costs that are often overlooked on continuous maintenance and development of Drupal, are actually important

Based on years of experience of Drupal development and maintenance operation, ANNAI believes that "User benefits the most from maintenance and development done in sets". However, in reality, there are cases where maintenance and operations are handled by a different company, resulting in an increased cost.
"Maintenance cost" and "development cost" are necessary to keep the development cycle continuously moving, in order to maintain the normal system.

  1. Cost of understanding systems and operations
  2. Communication cost
  3. Drupal specific cost

These three hidden costs are often noticed after starting the operation.
If you are apprehensive or dissatisfied in any way, please consult KAIZEN ANNAI.