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How Japanese NPO is engaging local Civic Tech community

Today's article is about civic tech community in Japan. This June we hosted the event for Open Data and the event became a gathering for the government, local government, and civic tech community. Our event was covered by this web media and that article describes well about the case so I'd like to share with you.

drupal cafe 62

Event report : Drupal Cafe #64

Our 64th local Drupal community event "Drupal Cafe #64" was a great success learning how to build simple site, discussing lots of things with Drupal friends in Australia.


Customer behavior variation in major countries

Japan is considered to be one of the largest market in the world, and many companies enter the market and leave the market. Large market size means hard competition. For those who are thinking about Japan as a market, let's look into customer behavior in comparison with other countries.

sabae city

How small city in Japan is utilizing Open Data

The Japanese government has been working on Open Data for years and it's said that "Open Data phase 2" has started. Phase 1 means how you organize Open Data and its platform, phase 2 means how you utilize data for residents. So today, I'd like to share one of the famous case study in a small city in Japan.


Japanese consumer wants "because it's you"

Today's article is about the customer insight in Japan. Japanese consumer market is said to be one of the most difficult market because customers require high quality. If you want to learn a little bit more about what it mean by that, this article will be helpful.


Enhancing search experience will improve conversion

Decision-making process in BtoB business has entirely changed. According to one survey, 60-90% of the decision-making process is processed online, before getting to the negotiating table. So knowing the online behavior of your target customer is vital for your marketing success.