ANNAI published the very first tutorial book for Drupal 8!

For those who would like to learn how to build a website using Drupal’s simple and easy to understand interface. With Drupal, you won’t have to bother with writing any code! Released on Jan 20th 2017. Check out amazon for purchasing!

Drupal 8 スタートブック―作りながら学ぶWebサイト構築(Think IT Books)

Drupal 8 start book - learning website development hands-on

This book is a practical guide for Drupal 8(latest version of Drupal), which is the open source CMS (Content management System). This book will teach you about Drupal’s functions and architecture. This book contains information for those who want to start using CMS as well as those who already have experience with Wordpress or other CMS.。

Though Drupal might not be famous domestically, many global companies and governments are using it to run large scale websites. Drupal has a very high level of scalability and flexibility and this makes many things possible. Many beginners may feel overwhelmed with where to start but this book will guide you step by step.

We have tried our best to eliminate the hassle that beginners may face, and explain how to build a website from scratch through simple to use UI functions and not ever have to worry about coding.

ANNAI designs your business story

It can be said that Drupal is one of the cornerstones that supports the growth of the internet’s infrastructure in this modern cloud era. ANNAI has been specializing in Drupal support and management solutions and have been an integral part of the Japanese Drupal community for over 10 years. We also organize study sessions and hold seminars so that the community can get together, share and exchange  ideas. We are working hard on expanding and finding more collaborators from around the world who share our vision.

Domestic and international network

We are constantly collaborating with many Drupal experts and community teams from around the world as well as from within Japan in order to achieve the best result possible.

Community building

Drupal is being developed by communities from all around the world. As the official representatives of the Drupal community in Japan we regularly organize a variety of events and activities to help nurture and make sure that the local communities of developers can grow alongside the international community.

Abundant experience and know-how

Development through Drupal requires mastering its own coding standard which may seem daunting at first; but with our vast experience and expertise you can rest assured that we will be with you every step of the way to support you.