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Strengths of ANNAI

We believe that “Our Client’s success is utmost important”.
Keeping this mission in mind, the best we can offer is a one stop solution by providing consulting,
development and maintenance services, all under one roof.

By doing so, we are building a system that can speedily solve your issues comprehensively. In today’s rapidly changing modern era,
we wish to be your partner who can share success with your company.

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There are projects that suit us and that we can accomplish

Drupal Development Portfolio

The strength of ANNAI is that we have developed Web systems for many years specializing in the open source platform “Drupal”. By utilizing this expertise, we enable our clients to accelerate their business.


Make Drupal a common platform across the world and share the power of open web with everyone.

ANNAI will provide you with the guidance(ANNAI) to achieve your goal with ideas and technology

Since 2000, ANNAI has been involved in WEB system development using original CMS and since 2009 as a specialized Web system development company for Drupal, we have worked on numerous websites and web systems including that of the Universities, Local governments, enterprises, etc.
In addition, as a representative of the user community in Japan, we regularly organize study meetings every month, hold seminars, spread dissemination of open source technology, as well as work closely with the overseas communities.
As the domestic leading company of Drupal development, we will continue to propose various solutions.


Drupal related activities

Drupal8 reference book

1st Domestic Publication of Drupal 8 reference book

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Official supporting partner

Official supporting partner

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