ANNAI designs your business story

ANNAI design your business story

ANNAI, involved in Web system development using the original CMS since 2000. We are an expert in Web system development of Drupal since 2009 and have been working on a number of websites and web systems for universities, local governments, and major companies . As a representative of Japan domestic user community, ANNAI hosts regular study sessions and seminars every month. These programs serve to spread the use of open-source technology, with the aim of intimate cooperation with the overseas community. As the domestic leader in Drupal development, we will propose a variety of solutions in the future.


01As a professional Drupal development company, we support a wide range of consulting and support including lectures.

Taking advantage of our know-how as a Drupal professional development company, as well as contract development, our research and proposals of the appropriate modules are made to realize the audit business and wishes to investigate whether the source code is in line with the coding rules. We have been involved a wide range of necessary support when introducing Drupal. Collection of information in English in the development of Drupal is essential but we assure that we will of course provide firm information in Japanese. Localization like Japanese correspondence and translation are supported in total. We are proud of our track record as a partner of global companies and universities within local governments and we greatly plan to expand on a global scale.

02With the expertise that comes from a history of planning and managing study groups and hackathons, we offer complete proposals for even the most large-scale events.

Since launching our Drupal study group in 2009 with a total of three Japanese community members, we are now at a point where we hold regular Drupal study sessions on the third Friday of every month. We also organized Japan's first Drupal Camp in April of 2014. At ANNAI we have been conducting all manner of support and event management members for the open source community since 2007, and utilizing the know-how we have developed during this time, we now offer planning and management support for ideathons, hackathons, program contests, and exhibitions, etc., to a variety of companies. We pride ourselves on our talent for constructing proposals that utilize the web to gather the largest number of people possible.

03Treating direct contracts with clients as the foundation of our work, we strive to realize our customer's ideas in the most optimal form possible.

At ANNAI we hope to serve our clients as a partner in company development, and in general we treat direct contracts with clients as the cornerstone of our wok. In the rapidly changing web industry, we realize the importance of giving clients practical suggestions based on the latest information on Drupal. We participate in Drupalcon, held in America every spring and in Europe every autumn. We primarily coordinate with Asian members and engage in activities such as providing the speaker at the Drupal Camp events held in various countries. We strive to be the absolute best at what we do so that you can entrust the technical understanding of Drupal to us and give your undivided attention to your own company's operations.

Company Profile

Company name ANNAI Co., Ltd. (ANNAI Inc)
President & CEO Kino Satoshi
Executive vice-president Kyoko Otagaki
Outside CMO · adviser Masayuki Abe
General Counsel Daisuke Hosoi
Head office Zip code 600-8813 Kyoto-shi, Shimogyo-ku Nakodoji 134 Minami-machi
Advanced Science, Technology & Management Research Institute of KYOTO (ASTEM RI / KYOTO) 8F
Osaka satellite Osaka-shi Kita-ku ohuka-machi 3-1 Granfront Osaka · North Building 8F
Tokyo office Zip code Taito-ku, Tokyo 1-9-4 Taito Matsuura Building 5F
Free dial 0120-997-701
Representative TEL 050-3754-7111
FAX 03-3832-2757
Mail address support@annai.co.jp


Main client

Cabinet Office
Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications
Kyoto prefecture
Kyoto City
Osaka prefecture
Osaka City
Osaka University
Nagoya University
Hiroshima University
UbiComp/ISWC2015(ACM International Joint Conference on Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing)
Location Information Service Research Agency
Impress (Think IT)Co., Ltd
NTT Communications Corporation
Hanshin Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
Hanshin content link Co., Ltd.
Advanced Science, Technology & Management Research Institute of KYOTO (ASTEM RI / KYOTO) )
Sharp Corporation
Digital Electronics Corporation Pro-face (Schneider Electric SA's group)
APIR Asia Pacific Instutute of Research