The 4 reasons why we use Drupal

What is Drupal?

Drupal is a "web application framework" that can build a web system with all functions by adding thousands of functions called modules. It is developed with the efforts of almost one million people across the globe.

Drupal is not as famous as other CMS in Japan as yet. But one out of 40 global corporate websites are run using Drupal. It is widely used in large-scale sites, including overseas sites such as the White House and other government sites, world’s topmost universities such as Harvard and Oxford, and enterprise sites such as Tesla Motors.

Four reasons we use Drupal

Since 2007, we have been using Drupal to help develop web systems and solve customer problems. Among a number of CMS and web application frameworks, the reason we use Drupal is based on the four perspectives of "Web governance" "multilingual compatibility" "security” and "scalability", which according to us makes it the best solution.

Web Governance

Web Governance

Flexible content management function that is ideal for solving problems related to "web governance" of large-scale sites becomes a strong point of Drupal.

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Multilingual compatibility

Multilingual compatibility

One of the reasons why Drupal is widely adopted by companies and international organizations and is developing globally is that it has powerful multilingual functions.

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Drupal has been adopted by government agencies in various countries such as the White House and the Australian government and has a good reputation for its high security.

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We will accelerate your business by taking full advantage of the rapid and efficient development system that uses Drupal's extension module.

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How to know more about Drupal

One must-see for people who learn Drupal for the first time is that you can learn how to make a site withDrupal 8 without writing any code. It was released on January 20, 2017.

Drupal 8 スタートブック―作りながら学ぶWebサイト構築 ThinkIT Books

Drupal 8 start book - Build a website to learn while working with Drupal

This document is an open source CMS (content management system).
It is a manual of Drupal 8, the latest version of Drupal (ドゥルーパル).It will help to learn through simple site creation that can be done using the standard functions of Drupal 8 for those who want to try CMS and those who have the experience of developing with other CMS such as WordPress, Drupal's functions and architecture.
The book tries to produce a simple site that uses Drupal's standard functions altogether with GUI operation,without writing any code, from installation to completion of the website while eliminating the part that a novice may find complicated.

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Drupal 8 スタートブック―作りながら学ぶWebサイト構築 ThinkIT Books

ANNAI執筆のDrupal解説本「Drupal8 スタートブック」

本書は、オープンソースのCMS( コンテンツマネジメントシステム) であるDrupal( ドゥルーパル) の最新バージョンDrupal 8 の解説書です。
これからCMS を触ってみたいと思っている方やWordPress 等の他のCMS での開発経験のある方などを対象に、Drupal 8 の標準機能を使ってできる簡単なサイト制作を通して、Drupal の機能やアーキテクチャーについて学びます。
本書では初めてDrupal を使う初心者がつまづく可能性のある部分を極力排除しながら、インストールからサイト完成まで、一切のコードを書かずにGUI 操作のみでDrupal の標準機能を一通り使った簡単なサイト制作を行います。