Projects we love

At ANNAI, our clients' success is our success. To achieve this success, we provide high value ongoing relationships with our clients. Creating a quality product requires business processes that limit miscommunication, and allow for rapid development. The development processes we use at ANNAI to provide quality service and achieve success are better suited to some types of projects more than others.

Our experience shows us we are best suited to meet the needs of the following types of projects.

Types of projects we love

We love technical challenges

Our team is made up of experts who love to take seemingly technically difficult challenges, and work together with the client to consider feasibility, risk, reward, deadlines, quality, costs and business needs to come up with the best solution.

We love innovation and creativity

Whether it be something new to the industry, new to the nation, or new to the world, we love the feeling of working together with our clients to create a new future through new products and ideas, doing things in new ways, and innovating to meet the changing needs of industry, society, and the world.

We love free and open communication with our clients

The process of conceptualization, development, and release of new and innovative projects can be fraught with worry over success. To mitigate the worry, we believe in open relationships with our clients where opinions can be expressed clearly and frankly when required. From small tasks through to discussions of future concerns, we use live meetings and online collaborative tools to work together with our clients as a team on all tasks as the project progresses.

We love projects with set goals

Our goal is to support our clients in meeting their goals. As you set your targets, we work together with the same perspective to see them through to success. We believe that working together is the path to success. When we hit a target, we raise the bar, and together with you, the client, we take on the next challenge. Success together, growth together. We love these projects.

Our value is in our agility

We believe that the ability to quickly and effectively respond to a rapidly changing world and technology is the key to success in business. In that regards, we believe our development processes need to be able to respond to those changes as quickly as they arise. To do so, ANNAI works using an Agile development process. Below is a comparison of Agile development with the more conventional Waterfall development process.

Agile Development
  • Allows the site to evolve at any stage in response to changing business needs
  • Consistent releases provide quick ROI
  • Agency and the client work together as a team
  • Delays in any feature do not prevent development of other features
Waterfall Development
  • Changing business needs are difficult to respond to, requiring revisiting previous steps
  • Releases of new features are infrequent
  • Communication between the agency and the client is infrequent
  • A delay in any feature holds up the entire project

The traditional process of building websites has been the Waterfall method, in which the development proceeds in an ordered set of steps: idea → design → build → release. Each step of the process is signed off before moving on to the next. Waterfall development projects tend to get slowed or halted at one or more steps due to the realities of the development process, and evolution or alteration of the original idea is difficult, as it requires returning to an earlier step.

The Agile method of development used at ANNAI breaks development into features. ANNAI and the client work together on each feature, to build, test, and approve the feature in its own cycle. If a feature is held up, it does not halt progress of development on other features. New features can be added, and existing features can be tweaked, ensuring that your system is meeting the needs of your business today, not the needs of your business yesterday.