ANNAI has published the very first tutorial book for Drupal 8!

The book is for both beginners delving into programing for the first time as well as veteran developers who have experience with other systems. 

ANNAI Co., Ltd. (Head office: Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto Prefecture, Keiichi Ward, CEO: Kei Kino, hereinafter ANNAI) Specializes in development and consulting on Drupal, have published the very first tutorial book for Drupal 8 “Drupal 8 start book - learning website development hands-on”. With this book, everybody can learn how to build a website with Drupal 8 basics and develop their skills without the need to write any code. (Published on January 20th, 2017)


Author : ANNAI Inc.
Price : \3,000 + tax
Publication of the first edition : Jan 20th, 2017
Publishing company : Impress Corporation

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Table of contents


  • Drupal 8 basics and installation
  • Contents definition and category
  • How to create contents listings page
  • Block layout and contact form
  • Translation and multi-lingual setting
  • Module installation creating user and authorization setting


  1. Information source and community
  2. Twig template basics
  3. Twig template naming rules
  4. Drupal 8.x adiitional feature of minor version up
  5. Major module listings
drupal start book


This book is a practical guide of Drupal 8(latest version of Drupal), which is the open source CMS (Content management System). This book teaches Drupal functions and architecture, and is both for those who want to start using CMS or someone who already has experience in developing with Wordpress or other CMS.

Though Drupal might not be famous domestically, many global companies and governments are using it to run large scale websites. Drupal has a high level scalability and flexibility, this makes many things possible. However many beginners may have trouble with where or how to get started.

We have tried our best to eliminate the hassle that beginners may face, and explain how to build a website from the moment you install the editor up to the moment you go public. All through functions of GUI, without the need to learn to code. Below is the sample website we have used in this book.



This book is for those who…

Wants to start using CMS
Have experience in dveloping with other CMS such as Wordpress
Are building a website by coding in HTML rather than using a CMS
Are already using Drupal 6 or 7, and wants to progress to Drupal 8


With this book, you’ll be able to…

Build a simple website purely with GUI functions, no coding knowledge is required.
Understand the “Views feature”, which is used in Drupal
Install free themes and modules from
Start using Drupal’s standard features, content types, taxonomy, multi-lingual setting and user authority setting

This book is an expanded version of column “Drupal 8 basics for beginners” on published on “Think IT” owned by Impress corporation. The contents of this book is reflects the information available at the time of the publishing of that article.


About the author



Since 2009, ANNAI has been an expert in Web system development on Drupal, and have  worked on a number of websites and web systems for universities, local governments, and major corporations . As an official representative for the Japanese Drupal community, ANNAI hosts regular study sessions and seminars every month. These programs serve to spread the use of open-source technology, with the aim of intimate cooperation with other Drupal communities from around the world.

ANNAI provides a one-stop service; from system planning to development/design, to operating on cloud networks. Also providing Drupal coding evaluation service called “Audit”, and consulting on every project, including module recommendations. Drupal association official partner.