Drupal System Maintenance management

It is a plan aimed at those who are considering Drupal's maintenance service.
Costs can be greatly reduced by allowing our company to manage maintenance and development at once.

Is your Drupal system properly maintained and managed?

Devoting internal resources to site maintenance is tedious
Security update is not done and it is neglected
Maintenance personnel quit and nobody can maintain

Drupal is highly secure and widely used by government agencies and major companies. The reason that Drupal boasts high security is the presence of "specialized security team". The security team monitors faults (vulnerabilities) of Drupal’s core and extension modules on a daily basis and releases information on security updates and faults according to a clear release cycle in case any problems are found. In order to safely maintain the Drupal system, it is necessary to constantly keep a watch out for this information and update it as soon as a security update is released. However, it has been seen that there are many Drupal systems which are operated without security update.

Many a times it is seen that, in a case where consultation occurs frequently, often method of update is not clear, the developer is asked to develop, but maintenance contract is not signed, which leads to problem in updating, and so the task is left it as it is. These are caused because the system is developed or operated without considering the maintenance. Maintenance management is essential not only for managing Drupal but also for the web applications.
At KAIZEN Maintenance management service, Drupal experts facilitate maintenance of a Drupal site. Also, development for enhanced functions alongside maintenance is possible. Costs can be greatly reduced by allowing our company to manage maintenance and development at once. Please consider approaching KAIZEN maintenance and management service by all means when you wish to maintain Drupal and also to continue development.

Are considerable cost and resources spent on system maintenance?

Cost to understand system
and operations

Communication Cost

Drupal specific cost

These costs tend to be overlooked without much consciousness, but they must be taken into consideration in order to make continuous development and operation successful.

Flow of KAIZEN Maintenance management request

  1. ContactFirstly, please contact us by filling the application form.
    Questions related to services can also be answered on a chatting platform.
    Chatting hours 10:00~18:00 (Japan Time)
  2. Introduction of ServicesWe shall then contact you via mail of the given contact person.
  3. NDANon-Disclosure Agreement shall be signed online using cloud sign.
    Please refer to "Guide to using cloud sign" included in the flow.
  4. Hearing SheetPlease answer questions on the hearing sheet. You can download the hearing sheet from the link described in the reply mail at the time of application.
  5. Sending System DataPlease send the system data.
    You can send it online or via courier.
  6. System AuditWe conduct the audit on our internal environment.
    After transferring your data on our environment, it will take us around 10 working business days to carry out the audit.
  7. Providing System Audit ReportThe report will be sent in PDF format.
    Please refer to the sample report to understand the format of the report.
  8. Result Discussion MeetingWe will conduct a 2-hour online meeting based on the audit report.
  9. Pre-audit InspectionIn the pre-audit inspection, we will carry out an audit necessary for maintaining your system at our company. As a result of the audit, we may refuse the maintenance service if it is seen that it is difficult for us to accept the maintenance.
  10. ProposalWe will provide a proposal containing the monthly maintenance service fee and the maintenance fee necessary for site enhancement before maintenance service.
  11. ContractBased on the proposal, you can decide whether to accept the contract. Once you opt for a contract, you will be required to submit the contract documents.
  12. Pre-Audit ChangeWe will carry out the necessary setting and repairs before starting pre-audit maintenance service.
  13. Starting Maintenance Service We will start the maintenance service.

We will discuss closely the developments and circumstances, so please understand this flow as a general example only.


300,000(tax included) per month

The cost of maintenance service depends greatly on the system.
Hence, we will offer you a quotation for monthly usage fee and pre-audit enhancement fee.

Frequently asked questions

What is "pre-audit Inspection"?

We will conduct necessary surveys to maintain and manage your Drupal system at our company. This is a necessary process for creating maintenance plans. If it is seen that it is difficult for us to accept the request as a result of this inspection, we may refuse to provide the "maintenance service" plan.

What is "pre-audit changes”?

Based on the result of "Pre- audit", we will carry out enhancements on the system necessary for carrying out the "Maintenance Service". Expenses for renovation etc. will be presented at the proposal stage in advance.

Can maintenance of Drupal system operated on our own server be requested?

Although it is possible, it may not be accepted depending on restrictions such as access authority and operations. Also, managing the application and infrastructure individually increases operating costs, so please definitely contact us if possible. For details, please see here.

Is data backup included in the service?

By default, Drupal's content and databases are backed up on a daily basis. It is also possible to change the backup cycle and retention period according to your request and so on.
※Depending on the backup capacity, we may estimate differently.

How are security updates handled?

Regardless of the importance of security patches, we will update within 2 business days as a general rule. Upon updating, we will conduct a test decided on consultation in advance, and check whether there is any change in the behavior of the system.
※The Drupal core major update (1.0 unit update) and module major revision up (0.1 unit update) are excluded. It is possible to update it after estimating separately.