Drupal System Development

This service aims at those who are considering new development and continuous customization in Drupal.
Entrust us with everything from infrastructure construction to maintenance management.

Total support from development to maintenance

Server construction
and management

Infrastructure construction and management
optimized for Drupal

Drupal Maintenance

Maintenance management of Drupal
Leave it to the experts!


Get a rapid and sustainable development system

ANNAI believes in "total support from development to maintenance" to provide customers with the best service. Hence, we have set up maintenance contracts in order to facilitate continuous customization. If continuous customization is necessary, we will set a maintenance contract as a set. By implementing development and maintenance as a set, it becomes possible to dramatically reduce the following "three hidden costs that are often overlooked".

Three hidden costs which are often overlooked

Cost to understand system
and operations

Communication Cost

Drupal specific cost

These costs tend to be overlooked without much consciousness, but they must be taken into consideration in order to make continuous development and operation successful.

Flow of KAIZEN Drupal Development Request

  1. ContactFirstly, please contact us by filling the application form.
    Questions related to services can also be answered on a chatting platform.
    Chatting hours 10:00~18:00 (Japan Time)
  2. Introduction of ServicesWe shall then contact you via mail of the given contact person.
  3. NDANon-Disclosure Agreement shall be signed online using cloud sign.
    Please refer to "Guide to using cloud sign" included in the flow.
  4. Hearing SheetPlease answer questions on the hearing sheet.
    You can download the hearing sheet from the link described in the reply mail at the time of application.
  5. Analyzing and fixing specificationsThe system configuration of your request will be configured and reviewed and the specifications will be confirmed.
  6. DevelopmentDevelopment shall begin.

We will have to discuss closely about developments and circumstances, so please understand this flow as a general example only.


The cost of system development varies greatly depending on the development content.
Therefore a quote will be generated after detailed contents are known.

Frequently asked questions

Can a request for server construction and system development be made together?

Yes, building flexible infrastructure using cloud services such as AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform can be made according to system requirements and cost.

Can customization to an existing system be requested?

We also support customization of existing systems. After that, we recommend that you subscribe to the maintenance contract in case continuous customization is required.
To understand the reason behind recommendation of maintenance contract and set, please refer to "Drupal Three Points of Maintenance Operation".

Can development of functions linked with other systems and web services be requested?

Drupal supports RDF and REST API at the framework level. Due to this, it is possible to flexibly realize linking with existing systems.
Large and flexible solutions combined with peripheral services such as SFA, CRM, marketing automation, pardot and Marketo, CDN Fastly and Cloudflare etc. can also be built.

How much is the approximate cost of development?

Since Drupal is not a framework for creating static pages, it is difficult to simply estimate the development cost from the number of pages and design patterns (or the number of templates).
We need to estimate the approximate cost after considering required logic and workflow etc.