Three points of Drupal maintenance operation

Based on many years of experience in Drupal development and maintenance operations, ANNAI believes that "User benefits the most from maintenance and development done in sets".

Besides maintenance cost and development cost, hidden costs tend to be overlooked

Based on years of experiences of Drupal development and maintenance operation, ANNAI believes that “The user benefits the most from maintenance and development done in sets”. However, in reality, there are cases where maintenance and operations are handled by a different company, resulting in an increased cost. “Maintenance cost” and “development cost” are necessary to keep the development cycle continuously moving, in order to maintain the normal system.
However, there are actually three "hidden costs that tend to be overlooked" in fact. Please take a look at the following three costs once. There may be cases where ANNAI may be able to support it.

Cost to understand systems and operations

For example, let's compare the processes necessary for implementing new functions in existing systems.

When maintenance and development are carried out by different companies

  • process01Understanding the specifications of existing systems
  • process02Hearing related to functional requirements
  • process03Hearing related to operation
  • process04Development

These 4 processes are important

When maintenance and development are all done with KAIZEN ANNAI

  • process01Hearing related to functional requirements
  • process02Development

With the help of 2 processes simplification is possible

Let's compare these two cases. If maintenance and development are carried out by different companies, processes to understand the current situation such as "Understanding the specifications of existing systems" and "hearing regarding operations" are necessary. Also, if the documentation or specifications of the system is not known, reverse engineering and investigation are required additionally. This leads to considerable increase in time and cost.
On the other hand, when we conduct maintenance and development, since developers already understand the outline and operation system of the system, with the input for “Hearing regarding functional requirements" only, it is possible to add functions rapidly at low cost.

Communication cost

When adding functions to an existing system, various information such as server configuration, specifications of existing Drupal system, etc. are required. Therefore, as shown in the following figure, communication between the two companies is very essential, when individual business is outsourced to multiple companies.

When more than one company are involved


Communication costs are high

When only one company is involved


Communication costs are low

It is ideal when the involved companies can exchange information meticulously and carry out smooth maintenance operation and development. However, in fact, there are differences in technological capabilities and expertise of each company, sometimes communication does not proceed smoothly as a result of crossing the interests of the organizations, and sometimes blame games occur when problems that are difficult to carve out occur.
On the other hand, when we do everything, the developer knows the server configuration, the system configuration of Drupal, and the requirements of new functions. Therefore, the communication costs of customers drastically decrease, and the project can proceed smoothly.

Drupal specific cost

Drupal has a big feature where "Function can be developed from the management screen".
Therefore, in order to know the specifications and behaviours of the system, it is absolutely necessary to "check the settings of the management screen" in addition to "seeing the specification sheet" and "viewing the code".
In order to acquire the specifications and functions of the site from these setting items, advanced expertise on Drupal is required.
Moreover, these settings may depend on the infrastructure configuration and the operation situation of the customer. Hence, smooth operations with minimal cost are possible only upon accurately grasp the three items of "expertise on Drupal", "knowledge and experience about infrastructure" and "grasp of customer operation system".

To make customized specifications and settings of Drupal according to customer's requirement

Expertise in Drupal

Knowledge and experience on infrastructure

Understand customer operation system

Real cost reduction and quick and continuous function development with total support by ANNAI

By constructing and managing the server, maintaining management of the Drupal system, and continuing development all at once by ANNAI, it is possible to drastically reduce costs, add functions quickly and continuously, and renovate the system.