Drupal Consulting

It is a consulting service by well experienced Drupal experts.
We answer your various questions through online meetings.

Drupal experts will answer various queries and problems prudently

While considering implementing Drupal, we would first like to listen to opinions from experts.
Can we link Drupal with the existing systems?
Can we integrate Drupal into the system we are trying to develop?

In recent years, Drupal has been widely used by large-scale global companies and government websites in the world for various purposes such as in-house systems and data portal sites. Compared to other CMS, Drupal implements fine features by flexibly combining small functions. Therefore, it is possible to implement complicated functions faster and more flexibly than other CMS. Due to this characteristic, Drupal can also be called as a "web application framework" which goes beyond CMS. Due to its flexibility as a framework, the things that can be realized with Drupal are diverse and it is almost always possible to have multiple choices to accomplish one single task.

On the other hand, we have already started receiving lot of queries such as how can it be implemented? We want to hear expert opinions about cost and operation system for development and maintenance, merits and demerits, problems and questions about the Drupal system currently in operation. As a response to these queries, at the KAIZEN consulting service, ANNAI engineers who specialize in Drupal development answer everyone's questions and queries about Drupal. While keeping in mind that a stitch in time saves nine, please feel free to make use of our KAIZEN Consulting Service.

We answer various questions such as Drupal introduction, operations, cases, benefits, disadvantages through online meetings.

Flow of KAIZEN Consulting Service

  1. ContactFirstly, please contact us by filling the application form.
    Questions related to services can also be answered on a chatting platform.
    Chatting hours 10:00~18:00 (Japan Time)
  2. Introduction of servicesWe shall then contact you via mail of the given contact person.
  3. NDANon-Disclosure Agreement shall be signed online using cloud sign.
    Please refer to "Guide to using cloud sign" included in the flow.
  4. Hearing SheetPlease answer questions on the hearing sheet.
    You can download the hearing sheet from the link described in the reply mail at the time of application.
  5. Online ConsultingThe online meeting of 2 hours shall be conducted using online meeting service “Zoom”.
  6. PaymentThe invoice will be sent in the form of a PDF file after completion of consultation.
    It is also possible to go ahead with creating the system audit plan.


¥99,800(tax included) each time

Frequently asked questions

What kinds of people are making use of this service?

We receive the queries from various customers like the following.

  • Companies that have implemented Drupal
  • Government Offices
  • Companies that are currently considering Drupal implementation
  • Web representatives of a Japanese corporations of a foreign-affiliated companies that have introduced Drupal at its overseas headquarters
  • Media site management companies
  • Manufacturers developing globally at multilingual sites
  • A system company that was asked by the client to develop with Drupal

Is any preparation before consulting necessary?

Since consulting is limited to two hours, we recommend the customers to ensure that contents of the questions should be clear and precise.

How does the meeting take place?

Meeting is conducted with the help of online meeting service called “Zoom”. We request the customers to kindly set up Zoom beforehand. Meetings conducted in physical presence shall be treated as special meetings.

There is a part of the hearing sheet that is not clear…

The more items you can answer, the more accurate consulting and system diagnosis will be possible. Therefore, it will be enough to answer as much as possible based on whatever you have understood.

What would be the appropriate way to find out about Drupal?

For the customers who have signed the contract, our inhouse published book "Drupal 8 Start Book - Building a Website to Learn while creating" will be sent. This book offers an overview of Drupal. Also, please read "Drupal 9 beginners course" series published by our company.