Announcement of ANNAI Australia PTY Ltd.

ANNAI Australia Pty Ltd


Shimogyo, Kyoto, Japan - June 7, 2018 - ANNAI Inc., headquartered in Kyoto, Japan, has created a new entity, ANNAI Australia PTY Ltd. With this new entity ANNAI continues efforts towards globalization, with the goal of strengthening their service and support systems, thereby improving and expanding the services ANNAI can provide.

ANNAI looks forward to continuing to provide the service they are known for, in a greater capacity using both their Japan-based and their new international services, to further develop their clients' web systems in a global friendly manner.

From employees to upper management, ANNAI intends to put their full efforts into making this new company a success, and ask for your continued support in their new venture, and their efforts towards the creation of a global ANNAI.

Overview of the new company

(1) Business name:      ANNAI Australia Pty Ltd.
(2) Incorporation date:    May 21, 2018
(4) Primary Representative:   CEO Satoshi Kino

* The information in this press release is current as of the publication date. Please understand that information may change in the future, without an according press release.