ANNAI Announces Kaizen ANNAI Service

ANNAI, specialists in consulting and Drupal development, headquartered in Kyoto, Japan, would like to announce the launch of Kaizen ANNAI, a new full-support service providing consultation, system evaluation, development and maintenance for Drupal site owners.

Drupalサイトの導入・運用に不安はありませんか?Drupal専門会社ANNAIによるコンサルティング、システム診断、開発、保守管理新サービス「KAIZEN ANNAI」スタートのお知らせ

Kaizen ANNAI service page

Issues surrounding Drupal in Japan

1. Lack of qualified Drupal developers

In recent years, many Japanese government agencies and large corporations have begun to use Drupal as a framework for their web systems, leading to an increase in agencies who offer Drupal services. Due to its versatility, Drupal is an excellent framework for these systems. However, with versatility comes complexity, which means a steep learning curve for Drupal developers. The steep learning curve means there are few qualified Drupal developers in Japan, and not enough qualified Drupal agencies to fill the current market needs. This makes it difficult for organisations considering Drupal to know where to go for consulting and development, and unsure of how to evaluate a Drupal agency's ability to build and maintain their Drupal project.

2. Trouble with existing Drupal Sites

ANNAI is increasingly being contacted by organisations concerned about the reliability of their existing Drupal systems, looking for third-party evaluation and assessment of their sites. "The final product is different than what we wanted" and "we expected high performance, but just got problems" are common complaints expressed about their Drupal systems.

3. Improperly maintained Drupal systems

The Drupal Association has a dedicated Drupal Security Team who ensure that Drupal maintains an extremely high level of security for the Drupal project. They are constantly looking for potential security issues within Drupal code. When an security hole is found they investigate and evaluate the issue, then work with the developers to fix it. A new version of the code is then released containing the security fix, which site owners use to update their sites and maintain their security. This is how Drupal has achieved its reputation as as a highly secure framework. However, to maintain this level of security, and prevent sites from being hacked, security updates must be performed soon after they are released, otherwise hackers exploit these known security holes, gaining unauthorised access to the system.

Updating a system built by qualified Drupal developers is a fairly straightforward process. However, developers and agencies without the requisite experience in developing Drupal often do not know Drupal best practices, and build Drupal sites that are impossible to update without breaking. The update process for these improperly built suites requires significant resources to apply the update, find what is broken, and fix it. This is a drag on the resources of an agency, and often results in updates not being applied in a timely fashion, leaving sites insecure and open to hacking.

The Kaizen ANNAI Service

ANNAI would like to introduce Kaizen ANNAI, our new service built to solve the above issues, so that agencies can enjoy using Drupal to its fullest potential. Specialising in Drupal development since 2009, working with national and local governments, universities, and large industry, ANNAI , the leading Drupal development agency in Japan, is proud to announce our new service, and we look forward to working together you to create a satisfying Drupal site ownership experience. Please contact us directly for further details.

ANNAIはDrupalコミュニティ公式サポーティングパートナー  です
ANNAI is an official supporting partner of the Drupal Association