Drupal portfolio : G Space Information Center

G Space Information Center

In our lives, maps and location information are often used in various fields. In recent years, there are various services using location information such as car navigation and even games using the GPS information of smart phones. These location information is called G space information (geospatial information).
The General Association of Infrastructure Information Distribution Promotion Council develops the collection, distribution, and utilization of these G space information and creates new industries and supports the resolution of regional issues.

As a national project, the G Spatial Information Center (https://www.geospatial.jp/) will further accelerate these efforts and integrate valued diverse data across organizational barriers regardless of industry, government and the academe. It is a data catalog site that creates and provides a one stop place where you can freely combine G space information contributed by public and private sectors .

History of the Use of Drupal

ANNA has been involved in the development of the site starting from the investigation stage on the current status of data catalog sites around the world. As a result of the survey, we have developed a data catalog with scratch development, customization of existing CMS like Drupal and WordPress. In addition, we have also developed the use of open source software CKAN for constructing the data catalog site, and the combined use of CMS and CKAN such as CKAN + Wordpress or CKAN + Drupal. It was also apparent that there are various mounting methods such as the case of using a package called DKAN which reproduced the function of Drupal.

Each of these configurations had pros and cons. As a result of considering between advantages and disadvantages, I decided to adopt CKAN + Drupal.

  Advantages Disadvantages
CKAN Simple configuration. No simple CMS function, content management nor user collaboration. It is also difficult to change the design or expand the function.
CKAN+Drupal You can use CKAN + Drupal 's front end function and user management function. The two systems are relatively easy to integrate with other systems. It is necessary to build a linkage function between CKAN and CMS.
DKAN All functions of DKAN can be used in Drupal's unified system. Knowing how to customize Drupal Distribution is necessary.

The reason for choosing this configuration is that it is necessary to divide the unit in order to store huge GIS data, preview the data, and also to develop a complex system to divide and sell in multiplayer. Drupal plays an important role which serves as the key to the integration of multiple systems such as CKAN, LDAP, Redmine, map display system, cart system, etc.

As a result, Drupal's user information can also be used by other systems, enabling an environment that allows seamless exchange between different systems. In other words, Drupal is used as the core of data integration.

In addition, by using Drupal as front end, it has become a specification that can respond flexibly to customization such as change of design and show contents. In contrast, CKAN stand alone is difficult to deal with.

Data Preview Function

Cart function that can purchase data

Introduction of Function

Linkage between Drupal and CKAN

It is a function of linking user information created by the Drupal side with the user information of CKAN and passing information input to Drupal's search form to CKAN at the time of data search which subsequently displays search results. This makes it possible to seamlessly use front-end Drupal and CKAN like a single system.


Linkage between Drupal and LDAP

It is a function to add user information created on Drupal side as LDAP user and enable authentication function from another system. Users can manage users from Drupal's unified UI.

User registration on Drupal's user management page also creates users in LDAP

Linkage between Drupal and Redmine

It is a function to make Redmine ticket the posting from the inquiry form and the registration concerning the organization information on Drupal. It is possible using Redmine 's API.

Content entered in the form is created as a ticket of Redmine.

ANNAI provides the best support for Drupal.

In this case, we investigated the current situation of data catalog sites around the world and proposed the best configuration for this request. This time, we made CKAN and Drupal collaboration. ANNAI has also developed a number of DKAN development history of Drupal's data portal site construction package. Please consult with us when considering data portal.