Drupal portfolio : NTT Communications API Developer Portal

NTT Communications API Developer Portal

NTT Communication, Japanese company that offers Cloud, Networking, Security solutions and consulting services in over 120 cities in over 40 countries worldwide, making it one of the largest organizations of its kind in the world.
NTT Communications API Developer Portal is NTT Communications’ unified management site that publishes API keys and other API related documents made available to the public.

History of implementation of Drupal

Originally NTT Communications had separate websites corresponding to the various services that NTT Communications offers worldwide. With the growth of the organization, there was a need to unify all of the websites to make management of all available content. On top of unifying the global platform, there was also a desire to include support for as many languages as possible to be able to reach as many users as possible, disregarding any language barriers.
NTT Communications have already had experience implementing and researched Drupal for other projects before and thus have decided to continue using Drupal.

Introducing Functions

Seamless integration between API gateway and client’s existing databases.
Every API user who logs in to the API Gateway through Drupal is issued an API key.
Publishing documents and issuing API keys, should be done through a unified portal website. 
Navigation menu on the right side is used to display pages corresponding to available services and fees etc.
Transitioning between pages is done through AJAX, this makes displaying contents much simpler with an added bonus being able to Bookmark individual pages through standard browser functionality. In addition checking if all API services are functioning as intended will be made much easier, including early detection of critical errors.
050 IP phone application API page


API service/function status page.


Fast search using Apache Solr

By implementing Apache solr, site based searches are carried out quicker through the auto complete function. 


Great support for content management for administrators and staff across all departments.
Different administrator level users are in charge of the various department and staff belonging  to certain teams can make changes and publish content belonging to certain sections. With Drupal, multi level user accessibility management can be done simply through basic UI functions. In addition, anything published will be automatically classified and tagged based on the publisher and the team/section they are involved with.


Implementing Google 2 step verification at Login
In order to improve security, NTT Communications has decided to utilize Google’s 2 step verification system to handle security at login. 


Automatically create a table of contents with the implementation of Markdown. 
Creating a table of contents manually can be very tedious, but with Drupal automatically created in a very smooth and simple manner.
Utilizing Drupal’s strengths, ANNAI will work together and guide clients towards a more prosperous business.
The new and improved NTT Communications API Developer Portal was launched in April 2016. Within the first 3 months it has already seen various updates which includes newly developed functions. Never to be satisfied with simply a great product, we are always working on new and innovative new ways to make the user experience better for our client as well as everyone involved.
Developer blogs is amongst one of the newly added functions post launch. Due to the popularity of this blog, an event called Enterprise APIs Hack-Night was born. Aimed at connecting developers and encouraging knowledge and information exchanges within the developer community, Enterprise APIs Hack-Night shows great potential in helping the developer community grow.


In the modern age of globalization and a world where power lies with information, businesses must never be caught lying stagnant and unaware. To make sure that our clients are always equipped with the tools needed to stay ahead of their field we are always ready to make any changes our clients may need. Always working and growing together as partners to be ready for whatever the future holds in store.