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Umeda MAG

About Hanshin Electric Railway

Hanshin Electric Railway is one of the most trusted railway company in the region. They've been engaged in the business for almost 120 years and they have many businesses other than railway business such as city development, professional baseball team, and more.

About Umeda MAG

“Umeda MAG” is the project for business people to interact with each other in Umeda, the heart of Osaka. Many workshops related to company operation are held in this project to make Umeda a more attractive area.

This website, “Umeda MAG,” is to showcase what’s happening in the community.

“Umeda MAG” shows event listings for attendees and also has SNS functionality to encourage every stakeholder to join the conversation.

Why Drupal?

Because “UMEDA MAG” needed both CMS and groupware.

We have been in this project from the very beginning of the planning phase. The objective of the project is to make Umeda more attractive and cultivate a business community in this area led to the conclusion that Drupal is the suitable for this project. Actually, seeing as they need to promote every event and run the community to attract people involved Drupal is the best option.

To achieve their goal a combination of CMS + groupware would also be the answer.  However the problem is they need to manage user data separately on CMS and groupware. Also from a community standpoint, which is to encourage everybody join the online discussion, made it more difficult to implement CMS + groupware solution. One user account on both sides (CMS + SNS) is the flexibility that Drupal provides and that’s more efficient for everybody to run the project.


Group function

Flexible about setting up necessary function by groups

Users can create groups based on the events they host, such as seminars or workshops. Additional users can be added to each group, and users can use discussions, polls, spreadsheets, attribution analytics and other essential tools. Any function is able to be added on each group. Also groups can be open / closed setting.


Group can be hierarchical

If you want to make a team under a group, you can do that. That team can use the same function with the group that manages the team.

Discussion function integrated with mailing list

You can make discussion topics in the group. The discussion function is integrated with a mailing list, so when you create a thread an email is automatically sent to attendees. Replying to the thread is simple, just click the email and you can reply to the thread. This way anybody can join the conversation not only on the website but also through email.

Poll function

You can do a quick survey with following image.

Spreadsheet function

You can create a spreadsheet on the website which is also exportable in excel format.

Attribution analytics function

By using the template on editor, you can do attribution analytics.

Now we are in the process of renewing the site from Drupal 6 to Drupal 8

“Umeda MAG” is developed with Drupal 6 and we are currently in discussions about updating the site to Drupal 8. The new site will be more focused on supporting event operation, so stay tuned!

New site image

Drupal is also suitable for intranet