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About Urban Data Challenge

Urban Data Challenge(UDC) is the project organized by The University of Tokyo, in collaboration with The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism and related organizations. The purpose of this project is to encourage everybody to collect and use the social infrastructure data hosted by the Association for Promotion of Infrastructure Geospatial Information Distribution.

This project is collecting and sharing public data issued by local governments across Japan, to make it useful to workshops and mobile app. contests hosted in any places.

Why UDC decided to use DKAN for this project

Originally, UDC were sharing 4,000 kinds of data through CKAN. But the more data they have the more there was a need to search for them efficiently and correctly. CKAN was searchable for meta data, such as titles of contents and so on, but full text searches were not easy. Also, the CKAN platform doesn’t have CMS functionality, so modifying the design and implementing news functionality was a bit of a hassle.

In order to resolve these issues that CKAN had, we suggested to them to fully update their site with DKAN, which is run by Drupal. Combining DKAN with Solr allowed them to implement full text search with auto correct functionality.


Full text search with auto correct functionality by using DKAN + Solr

The site is searchable with Content metadata, PDF, CSV, Excel file content, by using DKAN + Solr. This allows users to access what they need efficiently. It also implements auto correct functionality to improve usablity.




Compatible with KML, PDF, large file size of csv

In this website, KML, PDF preview feature is available, which is not available for CKAN/DKAN. This preview feature is also available for large file size of csv.

KML preview


Data migration from CKAN to DKAN

In this project, we migrated 4,000 lists of data into DKAN, by developing a customized migration tool based on Harvesting function on DKAN. CKAN categorizes data based on the concept of “group.” In order to utilize that “group” into DKAN we used the existing group function on Drupal, and that allowed us to create very flexible IA (Information Architecture) in the process.

data migration


Flexibility of Drupal made everything possible

More than 6,000 lists of data are stored in this website and now this is one of the largest class open data portal sites in Japan. Open data is becoming a national movement here in Japan, growing more and more every day. This brings up the issue of balance of efficiency when running a project in any organization. In order to resolve this issue we are planning to develop a feature to upload huge data with more efficiency.

ANNAI provides open data publicity service

We provide open data publicity service by distributing DKAN, the distribution product of Drupal. Any organization such as government, private local organizations and related businesses can use this solution. We support them to achieve their goal by providing a flexible systems with reliability, authority setting, full text search functionality, flexible design and much, much more. We hope users and site owners find it easy to use.

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