Drupal System Audit

An Audit of the existing Drupal system will be conducted.
An audit report will be created and later discussed in a meeting.

Are you concerned about an already running Drupal system?

We entrusted system to the development company, however, system behavior as well as the usability is quite of concern
A problem occurred while updating
Do you face problems with continuing to use the site produced by Drupal 6 as it is/without updating?

ANNAI specializes in development at Drupal since 2009. We have been engaged in development of sites having hundreds of thousands of members and a multilingual support in 25 languages as well as development of systems for government agencies. With the spread of Drupal in Japan, there has been an increase in the number of inquiries from customers who wish to develop using Drupal. The inquiries regarding the Drupal system currently in transformation or scheduled to be transformed are simultaneously on the rise. We have been also receiving frequent concerns from the clients coming out of the queries such as, was the development company unable to implement Drupal flawlessly, or was unable to explain its functioning in detail or could not make use of Drupal’s original function? Are you worried whether the system has been left untouched with security update and may get hacked?

Though Drupal is a flexible and extensible framework, on the other hand, it requires expert knowledge to develop in the correct way, while considering future maintenance and maintainability. However, increasing cases of Drupal systems developed by those who do not have sufficient knowledge and skills causing problems have been reported. KAIZEN audit service is a system audit service for those who face such difficulties. An audit of the system is conducted by Drupal experts and a report on the problems of the system is created. After that, a 2-hour online meeting based on that report is conducted. Please approach KAIZEN system audit service by all means when you wish to obtain audit reports from Drupal experts.

We can do it because we are a special company that has built many Drupal sites.

Flow of KAIZEN Consulting Service

  1. ContactFirstly, please contact us by filling the application form.
    Questions related to services can also be answered on a chatting platform.
    Chatting hours 10:00~18:00 (Japan Time)
  2. Introduction of ServicesWe shall then contact you via mail of the given contact person.
  3. NDANon-Disclosure Agreement shall be signed online using cloud sign.
    Please refer to "Guide to using cloud sign" included in the flow.
  4. Hearing SheetPlease answer questions on the hearing sheet.
    You can download the hearing sheet from the link described in the reply mail at the time of application.
  5. Sending System DataPlease send the system data.
    You can send it online or via courier.
  6. System AuditWe conduct the audit on our internal environment.
    After transferring your data on our environment, it will take us around 10 working business days to carry out the audit.
  7. Providing System Audit ReportThe report will be sent in PDF format.
    Please refer to the sample report to understand the format of the report.
  8. Result Discussion MeetingWe will conduct a 2-hour online meeting based on the audit report.
  9. PaymentThe invoice will be sent in the form of a PDF file after completion of the meeting for system audit.

Because if the system audit is conducted in our inspection environment, the audit concerning the item dependent on the actual operation environment will be consulted separately.


598,000~(tax included) each time

Frequently asked questions

What kinds of people are making use of this service?

We receive the queries from various customers like the following.

  • Companies that have implemented Drupal
  • Government Offices
  • Companies that are currently considering Drupal implementation
  • Web representatives of a Japanese corporations of a foreign-affiliated companies that have introduced Drupal at its overseas headquarters
  • Media site management companies
  • Manufacturers developing globally at multilingual sites
  • A system company that was asked by the client to develop with Drupal

How does the meeting take place?

Meeting is conducted with the help of online meeting service called “Zoom”. We request the customers to kindly set up Zoom beforehand. Meetings conducted in physical presence shall be treated as special meetings.

What is the scope of the audit?

Because we conduct the audit in our inspection environment, factors that depend on actual production environment, such as server settings and performance, will be excluded from this report.
Moreover, regarding the behaviour and implementation of the system, regarding factors that are difficult for us to fully grasp, such as the part depending on your operational structure and business flow, we instead carry out audit on the premise of usual Drupal usage assumed by our company.

About inspection environment

Inspection is performed on a general Linux server environment. In the case of a system that relies on specific middleware and services etc., whose inspection environment is difficult to set up, we may be forced to refuse the request.

How long will it take for the audit?

Depending on the size and complexity of the system, in principle, after receiving the system data, after about 10 working days we shall confirm your operation in our inspection environment.

What is the audit report?

We restore your system data in our inspection environment and report the results of audit based on the following viewpoints.
Please refer to the sample report to understand the format of the report.

  • Is there any implementation or setting deviating from Drupal’s standard system building
  • Does the configuration make it easier to respond to updates in the future?
  • Are modules such as unsupported or unstable version being used?
  • Do security and authority settings comply with Drupal's best practices?