Drupal portfolio : Location Information Service Research Agency (NPO)



NPO organization Location Information Service Research Agency is an organization that does location Information R&D, and helps with distributing location related information for any organization, and also helps volunteers support related activities. Giving the power to access all the available information is one step towards helping the community make the world a better place for everyone. 

Why Drupal was chosen

Originally, other blogging platforms were used to provide information without the ability to assign permissions and manage content accessibility. This was easy to manage on a smaller scale operation but management started to run into more and more problems as their community began to grow.

The need for a more scalable system which allows access permissions to be managed based on membership status required a better solution. Thus with Drupal’s amazing scalability and ease of use we recommended that they switched over to Drupal 8.

Data browsing permission depending on membership level

There are currently 3 different levels of access, and it’s possible to set up and adjust the accessibility for each level individually. Public files are for all users including non-registered users, member’s only files are only for registered users.

In addition, registered users are further divided into 2 groups, official members and associate members. User level management can be adjusted through users with administrative rights.



With Drupal, both content distribution and data repository is available in one easy to use but very powerful package

Drupal has scalability for content distribution, the data repository that allow highly  customizable permission settings as well as community site functionality. Unlike Wordpress, which is mainly for simple blogging, Drupal’s open source environment is able to allow you to build what you want and manage it the way you want to.

If you are interested in building a website similar to the one showcased here, Drupal will be a good compliment to your organization. No matter the size of your organization, Drupal will make sure your website is able to grow along side your business.