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Functional overview of jGrants - The grant application and management system for the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan

In this blog post, we will explain about the functional overview jGrants, the grants application management system we develop and maintain for the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan (METI)

An abstracted chart that depicts typical agile iterations

jGrants: Grant application and management system for the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan

ANNAI worked closely with the METI for the last three years, conducting fundamental research and developing the system using an agile development methodology. In this blog post, we will describe the unique challenges of agile development involving Japanese ministry, the project's history, as well as the benefits.


Sponsoring the Group and Subgroup module development

ANNAI sponsored the stable release of the Group module and development of the Subgroup module.

civic tech

How Japanese NPO is engaging local Civic Tech community

Today's article is about civic tech community in Japan. This June we hosted the event for Open Data and the event became a gathering for the government, local government, and civic tech community. Our event was covered by this web media and that article describes well about the case so I'd like to share with you.

sabae city

How small city in Japan is utilizing Open Data

The Japanese government has been working on Open Data for years and it's said that "Open Data phase 2" has started. Phase 1 means how you organize Open Data and its platform, phase 2 means how you utilize data for residents. So today, I'd like to share one of the famous case study in a small city in Japan.


Enhancing search experience will improve conversion

Decision-making process in BtoB business has entirely changed. According to one survey, 60-90% of the decision-making process is processed online, before getting to the negotiating table. So knowing the online behavior of your target customer is vital for your marketing success.

new meiji restoration

[BADCAMP 2017] Session report - The New Meiji Restoration: How Drupal is Helping Japan’s Government Embrace Open Data

For this year’s BADCAMP ANNAI was invited to give a little talk about the current situation in Japan, in regards to Open Data.


How we work remotely : Nagaoka Branch Manager, Kentaro Inoue

Today’s post is “How we work remotely vol.2”, Introducing Nagaoka Branch Manager, Kentaro Inoue.


Management of Drupal developer : Anexus Co-Founder Enzo's case

Anexus Co-Founder, Enzo-san has been travelling around the world and his management philosophy has a lot to learn from. It was such a great interview. So today, let me share what we talked about. This article is especially for those who manage companies and organizations of any size.


How we work remotely : CTO, Yoshikazu Aoyama

In this era of the internet, there are more and more opportunities to work with people from other regions. Our staff members are spread out all over Japan and we have also teamed up with people from outside the country as well. Some are working from Tokyo, Osaka and Nara, some from Niigata and we are also working with someone from Thailand. If the opportunity presents itself we encourage you to try and work with people from outside your region. We are currently planning to expand our network to other regions and today we would like to show you how our staff are collaborating with each other. First up is our Principal Software Engineer, Aoyama.