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civic tech

How Japanese NPO is engaging local Civic Tech community

Today's article is about civic tech community in Japan. This June we hosted the event for Open Data and the event became a gathering for the government, local government, and civic tech community. Our event was covered by this web media and that article describes well about the case so I'd like to share with you.



Open data portal site operated by Kyoto City. It is the first DKAN introduction case in government-designated cities, and is a high-function site that supports data preview function and SPARQL endpoint.

アーバンデータチャレンジ データポータルサイト

Urban Data Challenge portal site

Urban Data Challenge(UDC) is the project organized by The University of Tokyo, in collaboration with The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism and related organizations. The purpose of this project is to encourage everybody to collect and use the social infrastructure data hosted by the Association for Promotion of Infrastructure Geospatial Information Distribution.